Jen Balderston

Jen is the one usually answering the phone, responding to emails, and running the business side of things. Coming from a corporate background, Jen has fully immersed herself in the furry (feathery, and scaly) world of pet care. Owning a bunny, a cat, and a dog, she loves having the opportunity to visit animals of all kinds so that she doesn't adopt anymore herself!

Emily Sutton

Emily, when not covering the office while Jen is out, spends her time getting the best pictures of our furry/scaly/feathery clients. Emily has past experience working as a veterinary technician, as well as raising and caring for a plethora of animals. Her current zoo includes dogs, cats, fish, frogs, lizards, and a bunny!

Richelle Marleau

For a good laugh and lots of smiles we look to our friend Richelle who is always upbeat and cheerful. Richelle works as our full time Monday-Friday morning petsitter. She loves walking dogs and meeting all the new animal clients. Goofy goldendoodle Presley is lucky to have Richelle as part of his family.

Conrad Keller

Conrad is our go to guy for mid day and weekend shifts. His favourite pet used to be dogs, but guinea pigs and kitty cats, as well as everything else, are now competing for that title! Conrad is currently working towards being a certified dog trainer! We can't wait to work with Conrad to offer training services again in the future.

Kim Gans

Kim missed caring for animals so much, that she joined our team again part time on the weekend and occassional evenings. Kim's love and enthusiasm for pet care is evident when she blows up Jen's phone with cute stories and pictures from the day's adventures!

Kayla Bergen

Kayla's smiling face and positive attitude brightens our days every summer! Although our random and crazy schedules are a bit much while she is completing her university courses, she can be seen walking or playing by the river with our group and regular client dogs.

Thanks for all of your help with Piper and Sammy. They always look forward to you coming to visit. You've become such an important part of their lives!

– Brenda

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