Considering Diet Pills for Obesity: There Is No Quick Solution

You pick up your favorite newspaper and see a half page advertisement for “new rapid weight loss pills”; you’re browsing online on your favorite sports site and you’re hit with “the best weight loss pills for men”; you pick up a magazine in the grocery store check out line and in big red letters is “the best diet pills for women.” You can’t escape it!

This is because advertisers know that people desperate to lose weight turn to the quick fix: diet pills.

Many of these pills are dangerous and have long lasting side effects.

Everyone is throwing these quick fix solutions at you, even a very popular television personal training coach has “fat burning” pills for overweight people that contain citrus auratium, which is known to cause high blood pressure & serious cardiac problems in certain individuals..

In April 2011, an article in Time Magazine discussing a new diet pill was titled, “A Silver Bullet for Weight Loss.”

What made this new pill a potential “silver bullet?”

According to the article, “scientists led by Dr. Kishore Gadde at Duke University report online in the journal Lancet on Sunday that a combination drug helped obese patients lose nearly 10% of their body weight in a year.”

10% of their weight in a year. Which means, if you weigh 300 pounds, you would potentially lose 30 pounds in a year just by popping this pill.

That’s it! 30 pounds. 10% of your body weight is what makes this pill the “silver bullet” that will kill this obesity werewolf that is ravaging Americans.

How much weight do you think you could lose if you changed your diet and exercise habits for a year? If you lived a more healthful life for a year?

If you’re an obese person, I’m pretty certain it’s significantly more than 30 pounds in a year!

Why am I against diet pills?

Because I really believe there’s more to the reasons we’re overweight and they can’t be solved by popping a pill. Not to mention all of the potentially life ending side effects.

I believe that long term, permanent health is achieved by bringing our lives into balance. By aligning our habits with our values and beliefs, we will achieve our weight loss goals.

It will be hard, but don’t run from hard work. Anything worth having is hard. Your life and good health are worth the hard work.

Henry Hancock said, “Out of our beliefs are born deeds; out of our deeds we form habits; out of our habits grows our character; and on our character we build our destiny.”

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