It can sometimes be difficult to find the time and energy to give our pets the attention they deserve. After a busy day at work, taking the dog for a walk can feel like a chore. Or maybe you simply can't make it home on your lunch hour. Animal Crackers dog walking is the solution for you. Whether you'd like your dog to become more sociable with other animals, or just prefer quality one-on-one time, we can help.

We'll take care of the poop bags, treats and transportation to the park. All you need to do is provide a collar and leash.

Pricing (per walk)
Short walk (30 mins)
8+ per month
12+ per month
Long walk (60 mins)
8+ per month
12+ per month
Two short walks
8+ per month
12+ per month
Each additional dog $7

*Prices are subject to change, and vary according to the number of dog walks booked per month. Walks are billed monthly.

You did a great job as usual. The house looked great. Thanks for keeping things up and tidy. The cats have pretty much resumed their usual routine but seem to have a lot to say… lol. Once again a big thanks for letting us rely on you for everything. We enjoyed your notes and always read them when we get home. We know you always take care of the kitties with care and attention. You're very much appreciated.

– Barb

Animal Crackers Pet Care

2015 Alberta Ave
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1S2

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