Human Growth Hormone – The Only Legal HGH Uses

Human growth hormone or HGH as we usually hear it is the “elixir of youth,” for those who are aging, and it is the super drug for athletes who want to excel in their respective sports. Unfortunately for all of us, it is not any of the two. It is a marketing ploy cooked up by both the sports and the anti-aging industry in order to make money at the expense of their clients.

Moreover, human growth hormone has also been marketed to athletes and elders alike, knowing full well that what they are doing is illegal, irresponsible, and potentially cause dangerous side effects for the consumers.

But despite all the dangers and side-effects HGH may produce, the fanfare and the predatorial marketing of these industries have enticed people to actually buy their product, with these people thinking that the products actually work.

It should be noted that there are only a handful of treatments in the medical world where HGH can be prescribed legally, and only after a series of tests have been made to ensure that the person really needs HGH treatment.

They are:

– AIDS wasting syndrome – Short Bowel Syndrome – Growth Hormone Deficiency – Promoting Lineal Growth in Stunted Children

In short, if you are taking any HGH for treatments other than those enumerated above then you are taking it illegally as you should not have any access to HGH in the first place. What more is that what may be marketed as HGH are actually anabolic steroids in disguise, of which prolonged use can lead to tumor formation. This is because the only proper way for HGH to enter the body is through a needle, any other means via spray pill or other means will not produce the desired result if HGH indeed is what is claimed to be present.

It is amazing and at the same time depressing to think of what some people would do for money. In this day and age where the financial crisis is directly upon us, and every cent counts, these large companies are wasting the money of their customers on products that do not work and at the same time can be a serious risk to their health. One of these is the irresponsible and uncaring sale of Human Growth Hormones into the market for all the wrong reasons. This is without regard for the side effects and health issues that may cause more harm than good.

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